Take Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Beautiful People:

Please check out the information below. The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. is offering college assistance.


Mr. William Simpson
(973) 885-5986
Deadline for the application is NOVEMBER 30th!

*I can also forward anyone who is interested the application. Just leave your email address in the comments section.

Please pass this information along to current college students, and incoming college students. We all have family members, friends, friends of friends, etc that can use additional assistance with their college education. Times are hard and it’s becoming more and more difficult to make it in America and be successful at doing so. So share the knowledge, share the support, and share helpful information that can change a persons life.

Keep Pushing Folks! 🙂


Boost Your Faith

The Great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once quoted:

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Faith is the number one thing you need in life to be who God wants you to be. I hear so many people chatting about what they inspire to be or what they want in life. I always ask people well what are you going to do to get it? Most of the time I get the same responses. The responses are always filled with despair and denial. People are always afraid to purse a idea. So many people are scared of the overall ending that they are defeated before they even begin.

We can’t be anybody without having faith. Faith is important. It’s crucial to becoming who you are. If you stop at every design scared to plunge because your unsure how it’s going to end then, you’ll never be anywhere. Most of our failures in life exist because we lack faith in ourselves. Trust is faith and faith is trust. If you don’t have faith in yourself who else will have faith in you.

Be faithful to yourself and more will persevere! You may not see the end results in the risk of taking a chance but in order to be all that you can be risk taking has to be common. When you lack faith you inherit more fear and fear is the biggest obstacle to failure.

Believe in yourself and all else will follow! 🙂

Happy Friday My Love’s!

Women: 2nd to None…

“You can’t keep a good woman down.”

Alice Walker told us all.

Women are truly one of kind. All the barriers we face. All the pain we endure. But nothing seems to stop us. Just take a deep look at the number of Single Women raising children. We’re always left to carry the heavy loads. No matter what hurt we endure we always pick back up and keep going embracing smiles to others. Always enchanting because we have no other choice but to be. We never get a break to just stay down and out. There’s no time, there’s no pause; we just have to keep going.

Before I began to blog today..I sat down and thought hard about women that I’ve ran across in my life. Those before me, those after me, and those presently standing beside me; out of all those women I can’t think of one who didn’t obtain a struggle in their life but picked right back up and kept pushing like the struggle never existed.

Women are truly remarkable…that’s why you always hear people saying “Ain’t nothing like Momma.” And it’s not.

Women truly ROCK! It’s no doubt about it. Pat yourself on the back….

Keep Pushing!
Keep Going!
Keep Smiling!
Keep Loving!
Keep Laughing!
Keep Living!

Beat Defeat!

The great Maya Angelou once stated: 

“We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.”

In life we run across many barriers that leave us devastated, hurt, and sometimes unrepairable. At those barriers most of the time we give up and we choose not to ever cross those barriers again or even stay far away from encountering again. 

We’re so protective of ourselves. So scared of emotional pain that we’re defeated by the littlest things. 

As people we have to get out of that habit. 

Life is too short to be turned around and set back for every defeat you run across. You have to keep tackling. 

If you don’t get that dream job you wanted…take a deep breath and go at it again. Don’t give up! Keep driving and keep going! It’s not the end of the world. 

The person you loved broke your heart….don’t let that guide you to give up on love. Shake it off and move on. There’s a ton of people out here looking for love. Don’t let someone defeat you and then gain control over you forever.

Don’t let defeats set you back or hold you back. Pick up the loose pieces and keep moving! Don’t defeat yourself?

Happy Tuesday Good People! 

Quote of The Day…

“Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake entire relationships.”

Couldn’t say I agree more. I have a friend who’s been dating this dude for 3 years now. Basically live together and everything. But the dude has a problem with being committed to her. Everything they do speaks relationship except for the fact of him being faithful and him actually addressing her as his girlfriend.

Pretty sickening huh?

But that’s true reality. Too many women out here are in a relationship with a single man. It’s truly sad that you have some men doing this. Like these are the same men that have mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, and grandmothers. How can you treat any woman like that? Especially to the fact of faking a relationship.

Here’s my piece of advice to those ladies:

If he ain’t ready to commit to you…move on! Let me say it again: If he ain’t ready to commit to you move on! Save yourself the heartache and the headache. Trust me! Take it from someone who has been in that situation. Don’t trick yourself into waiting for him or saving yourself to the hope that he will wake up one day and tell you he wants to be with you. It won’t happen! Life is too short….it’s better to be by yourself than to wait on someone.

Happy Wednesday Good People! 🙂

Quote of The Day…

Moms Mabley quoted:

“Love is like playing checkers. You have to know which man to move.”

I couldn’t agree more. How many of you spend time investing yourselves in people that aren’t even worth it?

How many of you try to make someone the one for you when they aren’t?

How many of you have spent time in a relationship for 2 years or more and it didn’t work out?

Your wasting time. Life is too short to be wasting time on the wrong person. We have to be wiser and smarter at this thing called love. Some of us are so scared of being alone that we try to make every relationship work, when in fact it was a failure before it even got started.

There’s obviously no smart way to play love but I will offer this one piece of advice…before you begin investing time…put all your hormones to the side, place your feelings on pause, and let your brain take control. List out all the pros and cons of investing time in this particular individual and then go from there.

Happy Monday Good People! 🙂