Value Experiences

Hey Luv’s,

In life we’ve all faced many different struggles that have had major impacts on our lives. Some people let their struggles break them and some let them make them. Regardless of what the outcome of the impact of the struggle is; it should be a value to your life. You have to trust your struggles and value the experiences you face in a life time. Remember everything happens for a reason…..

Enjoy the weekend!!



World Aids Day

Today is World Aids Day.

Get out and get tested! Stop waiting, stop delaying, stop being scared. Aids is real. It’s not a joke out here.

Aids doesn’t pick certain people. It can happen to anyone. Every time you have unprotected sex with someone rather it’s a good friend, a clean person, a dirty person, your husband, your boyfriend, or whomever you put yourself at risk.

Please understand that there are numerous people out here having unprotected sex with various partners. Do you know how scary that is? It only takes one time, one mistake, one slip up and you can disrupt your life.

Know that it’s not the end of the world, the end of your life if you do contract HIV. There are people living well who are HIV positive and those who have full blown Aids. Know that there is life after the virus, but remember that there is life before the virus and there are ways to avoid infection.

Be smart, be wise, be aware, and remember that no one is exempt from HIV.

Know your status!

Much Love,

NJ’s Blog Princess