Obama Vs. Cory Booker

Of course the title is a bit over-rated; however rumors are speculating regarding the relationship between President Obama and Newark Mayor Cory Booker due to some “unsupportive” comments made by Cory Booker on Meet The Press. Some comments about Mitt Romney made were considered nice comments that could boost votes for the Republican Presidential candidate. Also throwing out punch lines regarding Obama’s Administration.


The Political feud can possibly be a real one! Both Politicians are apart of the Democratic Party supposedly but the Jury is still out on that when you begin to utter the name Cory Booker.

Cory Booker moves, thinks, acts, leads, and talks like he’s a Republican and President Obama is his enemy. Could it be so!? Could the Mayor of Newark be a undercover brother? Undercover Republican? Undercover Democrat? Does he support President Obama? Is he a Friend or Foe to the President?

These are questions that should be address however we know Cory Booker isn’t going to and if he does, they’ll be indirect and lies!

People refer to Cory as a hero, Newark’s Savior; and people claim he’s a Democratic Leader with inspiring potential within the Democratic Party. But we all know, especially those from the tri-state area that identify the crook and crony that he is!

The Obama Administration shouldn’t be shocked or caught off guard regarding this type of behavior from Mayor Cory Booker. Did you really think he’s loyal to Obama or any other Politician that’s for the People? No, he’s not! Not at all. He’s not even loyal to the People. If he was he wouldn’t make sidebar deals and decisions that benefit himself at the cost of the People!

But I guess I ain’t telling y’all nothing y’all don’t already know!

Keep Pushing Darlings!